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Deborah Miller founded FFF in 2012 to empower and equip women (and now everyone!) to protect themselves in the volatile world we live in today.  She is a Certified NRA Instructor, TWAW Certified Instructor, and Former Marine. Debbie is looking forward to incorporating a competition pistol and rifle team into the FFF by way of TWAW Covington Chapter in 2017!


Jennifer Bagby came aboard FFF in 2015, and is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  She has an amazing vision for the future of the firearms industry and brings with her great strength and knowledge that she is ready to instill in whoever she instructs!  Jennifer will be instructing on Tuesday nights in our Fall semester.  

FFF Coaches

Stacy Laudermilk has been an FFF Coach since 2013, and is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor as of August 2016.  Stacy is a long time supporter of FFF and has coached many women to success!

FFF Coaches

Joanna Herndon has been an FFF Coach since 2014.  She is one of the kindest people around and has a great spirit for her shooters! She is a great asset to the FFF team!

FFF Coaches

Stephanie Stodghill has been an FFF coach since 2015, but has been part of FFF since its inception!  Such a Godly woman and prayer warrior for her shooters!  Powerful and encouraging coach, She has an amazing spirit and heart for her shooters.

FFF Coaches

Candi Thomason has been a coach since 2016 and truly a motivating coach!!  She has a great heart and voice for her shooters.  Great encourager and team member in FFF.

FFF Coaches

Kim Hudson has been an FFF coach since 2016, and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor as of August 2016.  She is truly a selfless coach who has a great sense of humor that is felt throughout FFF!

FFF Coaches

Dawn Lucas has been a coach in FFF since 2016, and a Certified NRA Instructor as of August 2016.  She has an amazing talent for shooting, but has a huge heart for coaching her shooters as well!  Dawn is a precious, Godly addition to FFF and to all our staff! 

FFF Coaches

Angie Honey will be coaching in our September 2016 9B class and we are so excited that she is now part of our team!  Angie was the recipient of the Range Coach Award from Class 8B July 2016!  Congrats Angie - we know that you are an amazing addition to our team! 

FFF Coaches

Theresa McILvain will be coaching in our September 2016 9A class and we are so excited that she is now part of our team! Theresa was the recipient of the Range Coach Award from Class 8A July 2016!  Congrats Theresa - we know that you are an amazing addition to our team! 

FFF Classroom Instructor

Rachael Grace Smith has been part of FFF since 2012, and is an awesome classroom instructor!  She teaches our empowering classes at the range, gun cleaning, gun laws, and conceal carry.  Amazing shooter and will be helping on our TWAW Competition Team!

FFF Classroom Instructor

Stephanie Newton has been a range coach since 2015, and an NRA Certified Instructor since August 2016.  She has stepped into an new role this semester, and will now be teaching in the Non- firing classroom Tuesday nights in September 2016!  Stephanie will be an awesome classroom Instructor and we look forward to all she has to offer our shooters!


Sylvia Miller has been part of FFF since 2012, and is one of it's biggest supporters!  She has taken every class FFF has to offer and contributes her time and efforts toward all the shooters who pass through the FFF doors.  This lady is truly a blessing with her feistiness and fervor toward all that is FFF - She is our resident Annie Oakley! 

FFF Chief Assistant

Cindy Banks has been part of our FFF team since 2014!  Such an asset to FFF, Cindy works tirelessly to ensure that all the Instructors and Coaches; as well as every shooter is taken care of!  She serves in many aspects of FFF from hospitality to assisting with range supplies!  We call her "C" ALL THE ABOVE!! 

FFF Photographer

Dorothy Fuson has been shooting with FFF since 2015 in more ways than one!  Dottie is our photographer, working with staff and shooters alike to capture those incredible moments on the range and inside the classroom... She is making memories come alive in her hands!

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