Fun Fellowship & Firearms LLC.

"We Are Empowered"

8-Week Women's Firearms Course

This is an 8-week partner-based course designed only for women. You are paired up and will go through the class together, encouraging one another and working together to learn about safety, marksmanship and firearms handling. You will be working with different caliber firearms in both classroom and on the range training. This is an all inclusive class that includes: Team T-shirt, all ammo, all targets, firearms, ear and eye protection, coaching, meal served at all classes, end of class awards banquet with one guest. Price: $325.00


Refuse to be a Victim Course - Women Only

This is a 4 hour awareness course (NON FIREARM) that teaches women how to protect themselves by being aware of their surroundings and gives basic principles for crime prevention at home, while traveling, online, and physical security. Don't be an easy target! Coffee and snacks provided. Price: $25.00

Women's One Day Firearms Course

This is a 5 hour course that includes safety, marksmanship, gun cleaning, 1.5 hours of range training. Firearms, range time, ear and eye protection, targets, 100 rounds of ammo (.22) are provided. Price: $165.00

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Tactical Pistol 4-Week Course

Women Only

This 4-Week tactical course is designed for women who have taken our basic course,or women who are already familiar with the basics of firearms and shooting handguns.  You will do tactical drills, drawing and shooting from the holster, shooting while moving, shooting from cover and conceal, and some active shooter training and more!  This class only holds 10 ladies at a time in order to work more closely and proficiently with our shooters.