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The Full Story


Empowering through education and a love for people, FFF was born in 2012 from a desire to equip and prepare those who seek knowledge in the world of shooting sports and personal protection.

Stage Mist


We strive to provide the most up to date training in our classes!  We are constantly adding more and more to our courses so that you are properly informed; and to ensure that our staff are also educated in the latest advances in firearms knowledge and techniques.  

We have a lot of this around here!  Lots of amazing friendship bonds occur at FFF due to the remarkable pairings that are formed at the beginning of each class!  You will journey through our 8 week classes in pairs, and encourage each other through the entire process with the help and guidance of our instructors and coaches!

We will forever pray for and lift up our shooters and our business/ministry!  We believe that this is a group founded on the blood of Jesus Christ and His will for us!  

We do a lot of this around here!  Come on out and let us help you learn to fire a gun correctly and safely, find the right gun for you, fit you with the holster that works on YOUR body, and the confidence to carry it so that you have it when you need it.

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