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APRIL 9TH, 2020 Eddie Eagle General Safety Night - NON FIRING Safety Night for Kids- Ages 5-9


This is a 1.75 hours educational class that is fun and interactive - teaches kids to STOP- DONT TOUCH-RUN AWAY-TELL A GROWNUP! UMAS Instructors also teach skills to students so that they can get away from an attacker. General safety is also addressed during this safety night! Q&A, activities and Eddie Eagle are all part of this unique safety class that 28 million children have taken since 1988. Snacks and certificates of completion are offered at the end of each class - PARENTS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO REMAIN DURING THE CLASS...APRIL 9TH, 2020 - 6PM TO 745 PM.  AGES 5-9 YEARS OLD.

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